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For innovative building designs in and around the Nottinghamshire area, you can rely on the expertise of Bassetlaw Design Services Ltd.

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Our service begins with a free no-obligation visit to your property, to discuss your project. We will offer advice on how your ideas may fit in with building regulations and planning requirements and identify possible problems and suggest solutions. At this stage, and if the scheme seems viable and our fees are acceptable to you, we will arrange a date to carry out a measured survey of the relevant parts of your property. It is sometimes possible to do the survey on the first visit if you wish.

Two-dimensional drawings are then prepared on CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, showing plans and elevations of your existing property and a draft version of your scheme. The draft plans form the basis of further discussion to sort out any changes and agree on the final scheme. Once you are happy with the design, we then prepare the final drawings, including cross sections and specifications suitable for submission to your local authority building control and, where relevant, the planning department. Copies of the submission drawings will be sent to you endorsed ‘provisional copy’, eventually to be replaced with copies of the ‘approved drawing’.

We’ll take care of everything

Where the outcome of a scheme may be uncertain from a planning standpoint, we always advise that planning permission is received before embarking on the more detailed building regulations drawings. In situations where we feel that planning problems might arise, we will have informal discussions with the planning department to determine the likely outcome of an application and identify modifications that might improve your chances of getting permission for your scheme. This is done before any detailed drawings are prepared. Our excellent relationship with the various council’s planning and building control departments, built up over many years, enables our advice to be soundly based.


The fee for our service will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project and will be discussed in detail during our initial free visit.

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